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Ask yourself are you concerned about any of the following?
  • Your Government filtering your internet access
  • Protecting your families identity
  • Big Internet Businesses profiling YOU
  • Internet Crime
  • Personal Data being exposed
  • Online credit transactions at wireless hotspots
  • Online Privacy
  • Your boss seeing your online activities
  • Identity theft
  • Online stalking
  • Your childrens location exposed to predators in chat rooms
  • Your identity and location being available on Skype, ICQ, GTalk, MSN and more

OR are you in a country which blocks access to a large part of the internet's content such as search engines, news reports, adult sites, You Tube, Facebook and more...

Then take back your privacy and the right to engage in internet activities without fear of being exposed or preyed upon by those seeking to locate you for good or bad motives.

The TIP anonymous VPN bypasses your ISP and internet filters leaving you in a secure, free and anonymous internet environment. Our TIP anonymous VPN and TIP Client rout all your traffic through one of our secure servers. No one can track you.

Let us take a look at some of the others - go to the TIP comparison page.

Plus you get these FREE tools to keep you anonymous

  • TIP secure anonymous file transfers
  • TIP web tools when using the TIP Client
  • TIP secure anonymous file storage
  • TIP anonymous email account

Members also have access to anonymous secure web hosting (by TIP we do not outsource) and anonymous domain name registration.

TIP Anonymous VPN is compatible with WinXP/2000/Vista/Win 7/Mac OS/iphone/Linux

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Our product

Internet Privacy

Our members only need one product to consider. Members get full access to their own exclusive members site and access to the unrestricted TIP VPN tool, the TIP High Anonymity Client tool, TIP Vault, TIP anonymous email account and the TIP tools. Please go to our products page to read more...

You can sign up for a membership account for six months or one year. We do no offer trial memberships because we are confident in our product and we wish to discourage fraudulent applications. We consider members to be part of our exclusive TIP anonymous internet club and not merely a client.

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